College Planning Help - Graduation Game Plan

Graduation Game Plan

Being successful takes smart planning. It is important to plan for life after high school graduation in order to prepare for jobs with the most opportunity.  To help students begin planning, the Mayor’s Office of Education Initiatives has partnered with Expectation Graduation to create “The Graduation Game Plan.”  

The Graduation Game Plan includes resources students can use to:

  • Graduate High School
  • Prepare for Life After High School
  • Get the Workforce Skills You Need
  • Manage Yourself Effectively

Parents and volunteer mentors can use the Graduation Game Plan to help students plan for and reach their goals. There are additional resources on the Mayor's Office of Education Initiatives home page to help students and parents prepare for life after high school!

To find out how you can work with a mentor to complete your Graduation Game Plan today, or to volunteer as a mentor at one of our partner locations, please visit:  

Map of Locations