Youth Programs - Youth Councils

Volunteer Initiatives Program

Mayor's Youth Council (Department of Neighborhoods)

The Mayor’s Youth Council allows students to discuss pertinent issues while promoting civic activism and community service. Participants are chosen because of their competitive written application and personal interview. All participants are required to live in Houston’s city limits. Members are called upon to help make decisions affecting Houston's youth, as well as participate in numerous community outreach activities throughout the year.  They will hold monthly Council Meetings on a weekday evening at which Houston youth may bring forth their issues, concerns and recommendations. They will also hold monthly town hall meetings, usually devoted to a specific topic involving community resource experts, as well as organize and participate in community service projects and programs.

There are 34 members of the Youth Council with 8 advisors.  Members are 14 - 18 years old and represent students from all Houston City Council districts.


Houston Police Department Logo

Youth Police Advisory Council (Houston Police Department)

Thirty-six (36) diverse high school students are selected from area schools each year to serve on the council. These students meet with the Chief of Police, other police officials, adult mentors and parents to discuss current and relative issues of mutual interest to them and the Chief.

The council meets five times during the current school term. The members poll their peers before the meetings and gather relevant questions and issues to present at the meetings. The information gathered is then disseminated to their peers and schoolmates. The meetings and projects are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Promote serious dialogue with Houston area youth
  • Advise the Chief on current issues of importance concerning the youth
  • Communicate mutual concerns of the police department and youth
  • Unify our youth into a positive force for the good of the community
  • Establish broad-based support among youth for the police department
  • Encourage a crime-free lifestyle by incorporating law enforcement principles
  • Bring awareness to peers on crime related issues


Anti-Gang Office

United Minds Youth Leadership Advisory Council (Department of Neighborhoods)

United Minds is a youth leadership development program based on a service learning model.  This program is part of the Anti-Gang’s Gulfton Community Youth Development Programs portfolio and operates in conjunction with the Gulfton Youth Mentoring Program and Campo del Sol Summer Day Camp.