Good Job
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Luis Venura
Public Works & Engineering
John Richter took a day off work so he could help his mother communicate with the city employees who came out to deal with a right of way problem in front of her house.

As it turns out, there was no need for him to take that time off.

“The staff was very helpful,” he wrote. “They answered all my questions, and they were very friendly. The young man who was driving – name of Luis Venura – was so courteous and understanding to my mother’s needs. He expressed great sympathy and was extremely professional.

“Thanks to all of you for your hard work, and kudos to this employee.”

Durey Cadwell, James Clayton
Parks & Recreation
Her son grew tremendously as a basketball player under Durey Cadwell and James Clayton’s tutelage, wrote Marguerite Williams.

For two years in a row, Williams’ son played in the summer league with Clayton. When the youngsters do something well, the coach responds with resounding encouragement, Williams wrote.

“You can count on coach Clayton to support the players. His concern for them and their development is genuine and sincere,” she wrote.

Stephen Augustine
Since August 2000, Lynda Greene and the staff at the DeGeorge at Union Station housing facility for homeless veterans have called the police a few times, Greene wrote. On one of those times, a vet with posttraumatic stress disorder had a verbal altercation with a staff member.

Officer Stephen Augustine, a military veteran, recognized the signs of PTSD and began talking to the resident veteran to veteran, wrote Greene, the center’s community director.

Soon, the resident was calm, and the situation was resolved peacefully.

“Officer Augustine displayed great sensitivity and compassion to the veteran,” Greene wrote. “He is an asset to HPD, and I’m glad to know there are officers like him in my community.”

Terry Champagne, Donald Perkins, Landell Ramagos
Planning & Development
Majestic Homebuilders had some questions regarding the affordable housing development it was planning. So Christian Vandaele called Terry Champagne, who put him in touch with Donald Perkins and Landell Ramagos.

Soon, the questions were answered and the project was moving forward, Vandaele wrote.

“I would like you to know how much we appreciated the effective directions and help we received during the past few months,” he wrote. “We are thankful their talents could be available at the time when they were most needed.”

Eric Burton
Public Works & Engineering
“I’ve never spoken to anyone that nice from any of the utility companies I’ve dealt with over the years,” said La Vada Haynes of Eric Burton. “He was very helpful and polite.”

Anita Delgadillo, Scott Joyce, Jason Kiel, Scott LeCroy
Anita Delgadillo, Scott Joyce, Jason Kiel and Scott LeCroy responded when Bud Simpson’s blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level.

“Without their quick and professional response, the outcome could have been much more serious,” Simpson wrote. “All these people demonstrated both great technical competence and real compassion. We are indebted to these people for their care.”

Frances Martin
Frances Martin is a real leader and an asset to the Houston Public Library,” wrote Bernadine Jennings.

The Pleasantville branch serves a diverse clientele, and Martin welcomes everyone, even encouraging patrons to learn a second language, Jennings wrote.

“Her dream, for the children of Houston to speak more than just their mother tongue, is a noble goal,” Jennings wrote. “It is also a goal that can be accomplished through her capable and hard work.”

Edward Camp
The car Cynthia Fitzgerald’s daughter was driving broke down on the North Loop. Through AAA, she called a wrecker and then her mother.

Thirty minutes later, Fitzgerald arrived. After another half hour and more phone calls, the wrecker still hadn’t arrived.

While they waited in the heat by the broken down car, two HPD cruisers, a Harris County Sheriff’s vehicle and a Department of Public Safety trooper drove past. Then Officer Edward Camp stopped.

“He was truly our hero,” Fitzgerald said. “I started speaking to him, and I’m sure Officer Camp could tell by my tone I was not happy. He was polite, understanding and offered to help in any way he could.”

Within moments after Camp called, a wrecker arrived. Camp then told Fitzgerald that if she wanted to return to work he’d be happy to stay with her daughter to make sure she was safe.

“I was so upset,” Fitzgerald wrote. “Somehow, Officer Camp made things better.”

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