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Summer 2011
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Raul Collins
A man stole ice cream from the Exxon-Mobil station where she worked, and he would have stolen more if Raul Collins hadn’t stepped in, wrote Vivian Boms. Collins, who was on his way to work, chased after the thief and called for backup.

“That was remarkable for an off-duty officer in his plain clothes,” Boms wrote. “He represents the Houston Police Department very well.”

Margaret Baptiste
Human Resources
In 2004, Delvin Kendrick retired from the Police Department after 43 years. Since then, he’s observed and interacted with Margaret Baptiste several times.

“She is always prompt to return telephone calls or respond to emails,” he wrote. “If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will either refer you to someone who does or will do the research herself and get back to you with an answer.”

Given the stressful nature of her job, it’s amazing to observe her efficiency, professionalism and calmness, Kendrick wrote. Kendrick, who was a supervisor for many years, knows the rarity of employees who have the dedication to duty and positive attitude Baptiste continually exhibits.

“Margaret Baptiste is a genuine asset to the city of Houston and should be commended for her loyal and faithful service,” Kendrick wrote.

C. K. Bertels
For many Septembers, Officer C. K. Bertels has organized a display of specialized HPD units for residents to view and interact with at Shepherd Forest Civic Club’s annual picnic, wrote Delinda Holland, picnic committee chair.

“This part of our annual picnic seems to attract many residents, some of whom don’t otherwise participate in community events,” Holland wrote.

Even though Bertels no longer covers the neighborhood, he continues to work tirelessly on its behalf and is always available to help the civic club and residents when needed, Holland wrote. Residents often request him as the HPD liaison.

“We sincerely appreciate Officer Bertels’ efforts and the vital role he plays in connecting our neighborhood with HPD,” Holland wrote.

Robert Gallegos
Mayor’s Office
Robert Gallegos constantly reaches out to help people in minority- and women-owned businesses, and he approaches his work with such a passion that going above and beyond is just the routine, wrote Bob Scannell, director of business development for Virtual Intelligence Providers LLC.

“He does his job the way he would want it done for him or a loved one if the positions were reversed,” Scannell wrote. When a co-worker asks him for help or guidance, Gallegos says “Yes,” and “I cannot only do that, but we can also try….”

“This kind of selflessness is unfortunately almost unheard of these days,” Scannell wrote. “Robert is as kind as he is generous. We all learn a lot from his example.”

Randy Hardaway, David Slade, Sam Solis
Five-year-old Joshua Edwards was excited about seeing HPD officers and their aircraft at an air show. But he got sick and missed the show, wrote his grandfather, Tom Edwards.

After Edwards told Randy Hardaway, David Slade and Sam Solis how disappointed Joshua was, they arranged a tour for the boy. They also put together some mementos, including an HPD patrol patch, poster and mug. Hardaway greeted them at the hanger and gave the tour while answering all of Joshua’s questions. “And there were many!” Edwards wrote.

Joshua wore his patch the rest of the day and couldn’t wait to get home to show his poster to his mother, Edwards wrote.

“All three officers went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our grandson received a tour he will never forget,” he wrote.

Bill Willoughby
A client at VCA Kingwood Animal Hospital, Officer Bill Willoughby is also “one of the finest people I have the pleasure of knowing,” wrote hospital manager Bill Winter.

“I have never met a person more dedicated to his work,” Winter wrote. “He is genuine and truly cares for the community. Our city needs more officers like him.”