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Common issues in neighborhoods are addressed by the Department of Neighborhoods, Solid Waste Management Department, and the Department of Public Works and Engineering. Each department resolves specific concerns and works collaboratively to keep our neighborhoods beautiful.

About InspectionsThe Department of Neighborhood’s Inspections & Public Service Division (IPS) cleans up neighborhoods using building codes, sign codes, nuisance violations, and beautification projects. The Division specifically responds to neighborhood complaints related to overgrown lots, illegal dumping and trash accumulation, junk motor vehicles and other materials or appliances stored in public view, as well as dangerous, vacant buildings. The Division enforces City codes Chapter 10 - Buildings and Neighborhood Protection and Chapter 39 - Solid Waste and Litter Control. To learn how to identify the violations we address and how to avoid or report them, visit our “What is Blight?” page!

About Sign Code EnforcementThe Signs Code Enforcement Section of this department removes “bandit signs” from the public right of way or City property. These signs include political, real estate, developer, and garage sale signs, etc. The section enforces City Code Chapter 28, Article I, Sections 28-38 and 28-39. To learn more about how to identify and report bandit signs, visit our Bandit Signs page!

The Department of Neighborhood does not handle the following areas:

Solid Waste Management Department LogoIssues addressed by the Solid Waste Management Department

  • Weekly residential garbage collection
  • Weekly yard waste collection
  • Once-per-month collection of Tree Waste/Junk Waste (in alternating months)
  • Curbside Recycling (check service schedule for availability)
  • Dead animal collection

If you have a complaint in these areas, please contact the Solid Waste Management Department by clicking here!

Public Works and Engineering Department LogoIssues addressed by the Public Works and Engineering Department

  • Multi-Family Inspections (Apartments)
  • Commercial building Inspections
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Code enforcement for improper permitting construction

If you have a complaint in these areas, please contact the Department of Public Works and Engineering  by clicking here for Traffic, Streets, and Drainage issues and here for Utility issues related to Electricity and Gas, Fire Hydrants, Maintenance/ Repair requests, Sewer, and Water!

About Public ServiceThe Public Service Section partners with civic groups, volunteers, residents, nonprofit and business supporters, and other City of Houston departments to clean and beautify neighborhoods year-round. To learn more about ways to be involved in your neighborhood, visit our Join the Fight page.

About AdministrationThe Administration Section oversees the City of Houston Building and Standards Commission and Administrative Hearings on Dangerous Buildings and related emergencies. The section also assists residents with lien queries and public records requests.  The section enforces City Code Chapter 10, Article IX. - Building Standards.

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