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New Program for Free Smoke Detectors for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Announced




The Houston Fire Department is reaching out to all individuals in Houston and the surrounding area who are deaf or hard of hearing in order to register them for the free visual fire alarm program.




Citizens May Apply by calling MOPD at 713-284-1990 or emailing mopdmail@houstontx.gov.


The "Get Alarmed Houston" program was introduced by HFD in December 2001, challenging the private industry to donate and help with installing smoke alarms.



As a result of this challenge, several companies have stepped up to the plate to help insure Houstonians have working smoke alarms.



Mission Statement - To successfully install smoke detectors in homes where they are desperately needed.



Goal - To "reduce to single digits percentages" and possibly "Eliminate" fire related accidents and deaths due to lack of a working smoke detectors.



Ultimate Goal - To not only make the City of Houston the safest City in the State of Texas, but the safest City in the World as it pertains to fire related accidents and fire deaths. The statistics of Fire Related Deaths are staggering and something has to be done about it quickly in order to save a life. In most fire related deaths not having a working smoke detector is the problem As you can see this will be a very large challenge for the City of Houston and for the Houston Fire Department, but a challenge we can accomplish together. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon things.



What are the qualifications? If you are in need of a smoke alarm or know someone in the City of Houston who needs a working smoke alarm, please call our Public Affairs Division at 832-394-6633 . The Houston Fire Department has a limited supply of smoke alarms, so we ask you meet these qualifications to receive a smoke alarm:



  • Live in the City of Houston
  • Non-renter. If you rent your home, including apartments, your landlord should provide a working smoke alarm. If your landlord has not provided a working smoke alarm, you may contact our Fire Marshal Office at 832-394-6900.
  • Low-income or unable to obtain an alarm, and/or physically challenged and/or a senior with a fixed income.



How Can I Help? All smoke alarms are provided through donations or grants. For more information on how you or your company can help the Fire Department with this effort, please call our Public Affairs Division at 832-394-6633