Houston Fire Department

Medical Director

City of Houston EMS Physician Director/Public Health Authority
Dr. David E. Persse
1801 Smith Street, Suite 800
Houston, TX 77002

Medical Director Dr. David E. Persse

The citizens of The City Of Houston depend upon the members of the Houston Fire Department to "be there" when they are needed. Since 1838, the Houston Fire Department has provided timely high-quality fire service to our citizens. In 1971, the Houston Fire Department began providing high quality expert emergency medical care. Then Mayor Louie Welch and City Council charged Fire Chief Cook and Assistant Chief Martin with the task of developing an EMS system that would provide the same quality of care as any patient would receive in the world famous Texas Medical Center. The Houston Fire Department has continually met this challenge.

High quality medical care is not defined solely in terms of life- saving interventions for critically-ill or injured patients. High quality emergency medical care is defined by the decisions made on each and every patient encounter. The highly educated EMS personnel of the Houston Fire Department pursue excellence in their profession by combining the benefits of medical science with the art of compassionate care.

Due to the very nature of out-of-hospital emergency care, the challenge to EMS providers is often to make important, sometimes critical, decisions with a limited amount of information. Other times, Houston Fire Department personnel are called upon solely for their opinion as EMS professionals. Many times the needs of the patient will fall somewhere in between. In all cases, the patient is approached with the greatest professionalism and concern for their well being; the same as if they were a member of their own family. This is because they are being treated by EMS professionals from the World Famous Houston Fire Department.