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Houston Fire Department

HFD Fire Station No. 1


Photo of Old Fire Station 1


Station 1 was closed in 2001. It was located at 410 Babgy at Preston.
A large resturant now stands in its place.


By 1837 there were so many people in the little town of Houston that fires had become more frequent, log houses were replacing the tents, and the original plat of Houston embraced 62 blocks. By the close of 1837 there were over 1,000 people within the little town. Augustus Allen organized a bucket brigade, named it "Protection #1" and applied for a charter in 1838. Protection #1's motto was "Simper Fidelis".


One of the first pieces of equipment was a large barrel with holes drilled on either side with a rod and two wheels placed on it with handles attached to the rod ("axle") so that the men of the town could pull it. This barrel also had buckets attached with hooks at the top. By the end of 1847, Houston had cisterns and it's first homemade fire engine which consisted of a big wooden box with wheels on it and a pump and a hole attached to the bottom of the pump which would suck water out of the cistern into the box where the water would be pumped into the exit hose leading to the fire.


This original homemade fire truck was stationed on what we know as Market Square. Station #1 had been housed in five different locations: Fannin and Capital 1895, Prairie and San Jacinto in 1895, Texas and San Jacinto in 1904, Preston and Caroline in 1924, Preston and Bagby in 1968, closed in 2001.