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Houston Fire Department

HFD Fire Station No. 21


Houston Fire Station #21
10515 Main
Houston, Texas 77025

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History of Fire Station 21


Houston's first fireboat was purchased in 1926 at a cost of $320,000 and was located at the foot of Manchester St. These quarters were manned at that time by members of the Houston Fire Department and were given the number 21 for their quarters. It was more commonly known as the Fireboat Station and remained numbered 21 from 1926 to 1972.


During that time the original boat was moved to other quarters and the Captain Cortty was bought in 1950 and put in 21's quarters. During the later part of this time span, the Port Authority took over the manning of the fireboats. In 1972 a new station was built located at S. Main and O'Meara for Firehouse 21.


This station last renovation was FY 2006.


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