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Houston Fire Department

HFD Fire Station No. 24


HFD Station 24

Houston Fire Station #24
2625 Reed Road
Houston, Texas





History of Fire Station 24


The first Fire Station 24 was built in 1928 at the corner of Palmer and Bell just east of downtown and was closed in 1977. The new Station 24 is funded by a Community Development Block Grant and the Fire Consolidated Construction Fund.


The new station is little over 11 thousand square feet and hasthree bays. Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville, Inc. (PGAL) is the architectural firm and Times Construction, Inc. is the construction company of this new station.


Council Member Wanda Adams, Fire Chief Phil Boriskie, Director of General Services Issa DaDoush, Director of the Housing and Community Development Department, Richard Celli and local community leaders celebrated the construction of new Houston Fire Station 24 during a brief ceremony, August 14, 2008 at the construction site of the new station.


The Station went into service with an Engine and Medic crew on October 26, 2009.