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Houston Fire Department

HFD Fire Station No. 37

New Fire Station 37

Houston Fire Station #37
7026 Stella Link
Houston, Texas 77025

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History of Fire Station 37


Station 37 has been the most tucked away station within the Houston Fire Department as it has been located in the quiet residential area at Aberdine and Stella Link since 1955(pictured to right). The land for this station was donated by the developer of this Brasewood subdivision. A new Fire Station 37 was built to replace this older station and went into service on September 24, 2009 at 7026 Stella Link. A grand opening ceremony was held for the new station on October 16, 2009 at 11 a.m.


The artwork for the station is located at the main entrance and rear door. The "stained glass look" artwork on the front door represents a water hose spraying water. The special artwork on the backdoor features a squirrel in a lush outdoor environment. This squirrel image ties into the story of a "station" squirrel who firefighters used to feed at the old station 37.


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