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Houston Fire Department

HFD Fire Station No. 8

HFD Fire Station 8


Houston Fire Station #8
1919 Louisiana
Houston, Texas 77002

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History of Fire Station 8


Washington #8 was organized and located at the corner of Crawford and Polk where it is still located today. A 107-year tradition of the fire station being located on this corner ended in 2001 with the building of the new sports arena. Washington #8 had the distinction of having a Clapp & Jones Steamer (state of the art for that period).


It was located in 1895 at Polk and Crawford, Polk and Crawford again in 1958, Polk and Crawford again in 1970 and will be closed in 2001. Stations 1 and 8 were combined and relocated to the corner of Milam and St. Joseph and Station 8 was reopened in June of 2001 in a temporary leased building.


On April 21, 2008, the crews from the temporary station moved into the new "Super Station" located at 1919 Louisiana.


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