General Services Department

Financial and Energy Management Division

Ja'nice Sparks
Deputy Assistant Director / Chief Financial Officer

Financial and Energy Management, under the leadership of Ja'nice Sparks, is comprised of two divisions; Financial Services and Energy Management.

Financial Services is responsible for developing the departmental budget and administering all accounting activities including, accounts payable and receivable, CIP payables, service contracts, one-time and contract procurement transactions and budgetary approval for the department.  The team is also responsible in ensuring process documentation exist and assessing the need for and update policies and procedures. The division includes a Budget Reporting/ Accounts Payable Section.

Budget Reporting/ Accounts Payable Section Summary:
Roderick Williform, Budget/ Payables Manager

The Budget Reporting/ Accounts Payable section is primary responsible for processing cash disbursements to contractors and suppliers for goods and services rendered. This Section ensures payments are to be in compliance with the Texas Prompt Payments Act (payment within 30 days), and all contract terms and conditions.  The division is also ensures that all departmental funds are appropriately allocated and expended, which includes accurate monthly financial reporting.

Roderick Williform
Administration Manager

The department transferred 4 FTEs to the Finance Department effective April 14, 2014. Finance has been working to consolidate accounts payable and chargeback operations citywide. It is anticipated this move will improve efficiency and effectiveness of accounts payable and chargeback operations citywide through workload balancing and job sharing.

The role of Energy Management remains the responsibility of the General Service Department.  This role includes managing energy from a property management aspect by integrating electronic analysis of data with on-site monitoring to identify equipment and operational deficiencies in order to optimize the City’s energy usage.  The division track and monitor citywide electricity and natural gas costs; working with the Finance Department who is responsible for administering the electricity and natural gas accounts for the City.  The Finance Department is also responsible for overseeing procurement contracts, forecasting and financial reporting.