In 2000, the General Services Department (GSD) was established to construct and maintain the City’s building portfolio. Since that time, GSD has evolved into a full service, client-centered department that provides a comprehensive suite of services to over 300 facilities; representing 7.7 million square feet of occupied space. As a full service department, GSD assists its clients in identifying the appropriate real estate solution and then provides design and construction services for the development of the facility. Once the facility is ready for occupation, GSD provides energy, property and security management services to ensure the lights come on and the facility is clean, well-maintained and secure. To further enhance the operation of its facilities, GSD established the Sustainable Growth division. This division is responsible for implementing green and sustainable property and energy management solutions with the intent of reducing operating costs and improving client satisfaction. GSD is client-focused, customer-responsive, and is committed to customer service and excellence. At the   forefront of our commitment is our motto: "Pursuing Customer Satisfaction...Always Responsive".

General Services Department

About the Director

Scott Minnix

Scott Minnix has been the Director of the General Services Department (GSD) for the City of Houston since November 2010.  Prior to joining the City of Houston, he held an executive position for the City of Seattle, as a director of facility operations in the Fleet and Facility Department. He has served in leadership roles in the private sector, university/academia and the public sector.

He has performed as a high-impact results oriented strategist throughout his 20-plus years of executive, operations, property management/ real estate, community relations and HR leadership.  He brings a unique and special ability to lead change, coach and get positive results using best practices and optimizing team and individual performance.

During his tenure with the City of Houston he has brought innovation and strategic planning to his department and the City. He worked to fund implement extensive a Facilities Condition Assessment and Security Assessment of city facilities.  This was the first time the City initiated a comprehensive evaluation of the physical condition of its facilities, which provided a strategic facility maintenance plan for the next 20 years.  He has also created Preventive Maintenance Teams and implemented a Vertical Maintenance Program designed to reduce GSD’s deferred maintenance back log by 20% while increasing its preventive maintenance efforts by 15% in its first year. GSD continues to improve its’ overall performance with significantly reduced budget and an ever aging building portfolio. He has significantly enhanced the knowledge, skills, and ability of the entire GSD workforce as well as implemented Lean Six Sigma process improvement and management throughout the department. He has been a leader amongst all City of Houston Department Director’s.

GSD was named- City of Houston Outstanding Department of the Year by Mayor’s Office of Business Opportunity.  He received the “Pinnacle Award” for Outstanding Business Advocate of the Year in 2014.

As a leader of MWBE outreach and utilization, he consistently promotes the development and capacity building of MWBEs.  The business community seeks his counsel on business development and strategic planning. GSD is annually recognized for its’ outstanding MWBE engagement and participation.

He serves on many boards in the community including,  Vice-President of  International Facility Management Association (IFMA) , Texas Southern University (College of Science, Engineering  and Technology, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Rice Design Alliance (RDU), The Ensemble Theatre, and Houston C-STEM.

Director Minnix is a former officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He received a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration/Management from the University of Puget Sound.