In 2000, the General Services Department (GSD) was established to construct and maintain the City’s building portfolio. Since that time, GSD has evolved into a full service, client-centered department that provides a comprehensive suite of services to over 300 facilities; representing 7.7 million square feet of occupied space. As a full service department, GSD assists its clients in identifying the appropriate real estate solution and then provides design and construction services for the development of the facility. Once the facility is ready for occupation, GSD provides energy, property and security management services to ensure the lights come on and the facility is clean, well-maintained and secure. To further enhance the operation of its facilities, GSD established the Sustainable Growth division. This division is responsible for implementing green and sustainable property and energy management solutions with the intent of reducing operating costs and improving client satisfaction. GSD is client-focused, customer-responsive, and is committed to customer service and excellence. At the   forefront of our commitment is our motto: "Pursuing Customer Satisfaction...Always Responsive".

General Services Department

About the Interim Director

C.J. Messiah

Mayor Sylvester Turner has selected C. J. Messiah to be the interim director of the General Services Department (GSD), effective November 12, 2016.  He replaces Scott Minnix who has accepted a new position out of state.

Messiah has been the deputy assistant director in charge of security management for GSD since June 2016. He currently coordinates the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the department budget, trains employees and establishes policy and procedures.   He has more than 23 years of experience with the Houston Police Department and served as sergeant of the Mayor’s Protection Detail Division for 11 years.  Messiah served as technical sergeant, staff sergeant and airman sergeant in the United States Air Force.  He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and has worked as a security consultant with the Major League Baseball organization for 16 years.

“The City’s physical plant is aging and has many issues that tend to crop up almost daily,” said Mayor Turner. “We also have a responsibility to provide secure facilities for our residents.  C.J.’s motto of ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance’ and his security background will serve him well as he fills in as interim director.”

A search is underway for a permanent replacement for Minnix.

GSD oversees maintenance, construction and security management services for more than 400 City facilities.  It is their job to ensure the lights come on and the facility is clean, well-maintained and secure.