General Services Department

Property Management Division

Property Management Division BrochureHumberto Bautista
Interim Chief of Operations

Property Management's mission is to pursue customer satisfaction by providing quality infrastructure maintenance, repair and renovation for client departments in an effort to keep properties safe, energy efficient, secure and operational.


  • Central Business District Operations -- Michael Isermann. Division Manager
  • Maintenance and Operations –- Danny Gonzales, Division Manager
  • In-House Renovation Group –- Keith Andrews, Division Manager
  • Houston Police Department Operations –- Carlos Garcia, Superintendent
  • Houston Fire Department Operations – Wahl Taha, Assistant Superintendent
  • Public Works and Engineering Operations -– Michael Houston, Superintendent
  • Health Department Operations -– Michael Bush, Superintendent
  • Houston Public Library and City Hall Complex
  • Operations -– Paul Marro, Sr. Superintendent
  • Houston Transtar Operations –- Eric Ward, Assistant Superintendent
  • Houston Permitting Center Operations -– Rudy Giron, Superintendent


  • Implemented a preventative maintenance program to minimize failures and improve long-term effectiveness.
  • Successfully support client departments in their efforts to enhance business operations via work space adjustments, renovations and additions.
  • Identified, designed and implemented cost-saving processes and energy-saving systems to increase efficiency and to save tax dollars.
  • Developed and manage maintenance service contracts to ensure scope adherence and sound fiscal oversight.
  • Effectively maintain and operate aging infrastructure that supports the City’s Police Department, Fire Department, Health Department, Library Department, and a select number of Public Works Department Facilities, eight million square feet of City facilities.
  • Houston Transtar is now an addition to the Property Management Portfolio.


  • In 2005 the In-House Renovation Group, formerly known as the Fire Renovation Group, was successfully expanded to begin performing renovation projects. The team is made up of task specific personnel trained in the areas of building construction and project management.
  • Consistently maintained a high level of competence and effectiveness on all renovation projects.
  • Increased fire station renovation program efficiency through implementation of innovative and comprehensive procedures for a progressive modernized renovation program.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, three hundred and thirty two office build-outs were completed for GSD Client Departments which include: Police, Fire, Health, PWE, Municipal Courts, HEC Center, Library, Planning & Development, Controller, Solid Waste, Finance, Parks, Administration & Regulatory Affairs, Housing, Transtar, Information & Technology, Houston First Corp. and Barc.