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Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 27 trillion gallons of rain on the Greater Houston region, taking dozens of lives and causing billions of dollars worth of damage. The City of Houston is faced with both addressing the immediate needs caused by the storm, including debris removal and repairing damage to City facilities, and the long-term needs, such as ensuring people displaced by Harvey are able to relocate into homes they can continue to afford. The City also must examine the lessons that can be learned from the storm, including how government agencies can better coordinate in response to disasters.

The storm’s financial impact has far exceeded the City’s lean budget. The Mayor’s Office of Government Relations is focused on securing resources from the state and federal governments – both funded in part by Houston taxpayers – to assist with both immediate needs and long-term recovery from Harvey. The Government Relations Office is also working on coordination between City departments and other governmental agencies, including other cities from around the nation who are now offering help.

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