Aging Agenda for
Houston-Harris County
"Moving Toward an Elder Friendly Future"

Safety and Security

Domain Lead: James Booker

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James Booker




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Improve the safety of seniors through collaborative initiatives addressing fire and crime prevention, home safety, elder abuse and mistreatment, financial security and fraud protection.

Safety and security denote freedom from harm, injury, and loss, and many programs in Harris County address the safety and security concerns of the county’s older adults. Creating safe and secure communities for aging residents should be a community-wide effort incorporating a planning process of fact gathering, analyzing findings, and implementing strategies and recommendations. The initiative can be successful with the leadership of the City of Houston Area Agency on Aging and with residents, law enforcement, fire departments, Texas Department of Adult Protective Services personnel, public transportation managers, public and private elder service providers, and local officials partnering together to ensure safe and secure neighborhoods where older residents can live independently with dignity. The components of an elder-friendly community include a place where older residents feel safe in their homes and the community. The ideal elder-friendly community receives input from and values the views and opinions of older adults. To enjoy other freedoms—to learn, work, and play, for instance—enforcement agencies and members of the community have to work together to ensure there is a strong foundation of safety and security. Officials confront and control criminals, but individuals work with officers to prevent crime and learn how to detect fraud, theft, and other wrongdoing. Security is the benefit that comes from the individual efforts of many.