Houston Health Department

Caregiver Support Network

The Harrs County Area Agency on Aging family caregiver support network identifies resources, and assists and promotes awareness to those caring for the elderly. Grandparents and other caregivers, age 60 and older, raising grandchildren or children with developmental disabilities, are also eligible for services provided by the HCAAA family caregiver support network.

call today for Caregiver support: 832-393-4301

The following services are available to caregivers and grandparents:

  • Information for caregivers about services available
  • Assistance in gaining access to these services
  • Referral to programs offering counseling, support groups, library of bilingual resources, and training to help caregivers make decisions and solve problems relating to their care giving needs
  • Respite care to temporary relive the caregiver from their care giving responsibilities
  • Supplemental services on a limited basis to compliment care provided by caregivers

What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is a person providing emotional, spiritual or physical care for a family in your lifetime. Caregiving includes how to learn to take care of yourself and accepting the fact that you can not do it alone. member or friend. A caregiver maybe a health care provider, a caregiver of older adults, a working caregiver, a long-distance caregiver, and grandparents or other relatives raising children. The caregiving role maybe one of the most committed roles you may undertake It is important to know where you can get help and information for the recipient and yourself if needed.

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