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HCAAA Caregiver Programs and Support Service

Provider: Alzheimer's Association
Provides: Caregiver Information Services, and Instruction and Training
Website: alztex.org
Services: The Alzheimer's Association of Houston and Southeast Texas consists of families, caregivers, scientists, health professionals, and concerned citizens who are committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and to easing the burden of Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders on patients and their families and loved ones.
Contact: The Helpline 24 hours: (713) 314-1313 or Toll Free: (800) 272.3900.

Provider: Chinese Community Center
Provides: Caregiver Information Services, and Caregiver Education and Training
Website:  https://www.ccchouston.org/
Services: The Chinese Community Center conducts caregiver support groups as well as caregiver education, trainings and workshops in Houston, Texas.
Contact: Sherwin Sun, Senior Program Director;  830am-5pm, M-F

Provider: Council for Health Education Development (CHED)
Provides: Caregiver Information Services, and Instruction and Training – Medication Management
Website: https://www.caregivertraining.org
Services: The Council for Health Education and Development, LLC (CFHED) is a comprehensive information and training center for caregivers. CFHED is dedicated to the provision of quality caregiver instruction by licensed professionals for the continued health of families.
Contact: Phone: (281) 286-4839. Toll Free:1-877-747-1542

Provider: Gateway to Care
Provides: Caregiver Education and Training and Caregiver Information Services
Website: www.gatewaytocare.org   
Services: Gateway to Care, a non-profit organization, provides health promotion and education services throughout Harris County, Texas.  These health promotion activities are designed to assist caregivers in making decisions and solving problems relating to care giving
Contact: Monica James, Coordinator Senior/Caregiver Education and Training Program,
Phone: 281-400-3650 x3654. Fax: 281-400-3649.  Main Office Number: 713.783.4616.

Provider: Texas Southern University Center on the Family
Provides: Caregiver Education and Training, Caregiver Information Services and Instruction and Training – Medication Management
Website: https://www.tsu.edu/pages/2274.asp
Services: The Center on the Family will provide outreach center services for education and positive development of children, youth and families. Serve as a site for the development and dissemination of instructional and self-help materials. Act as a linkage/networking vehicle between the university and the community. Conduct research and generate data on families and children.
Contact: (713) 313-7635.

Provider: Sheltering Arms Senior Services
Provides: Instruction and Training Conference
Website: https://www.shelteringarms.org/services/ourServices.php
Services: Direct Care Workforce Conference
Contact: (713) 685-6584

Provider: UT School of Nursing Center on Aging, Ombudsman Program
Provides: Ombudsman service
Website: https://son.uth.tmc.edu/coa/ombudsman.htm
Service: Conducts caregiver support groups and provides information to support caregivers who live with or work with older adults. Subject matter will include signs and symptoms of elder mistreatment, risk factors for elder abuse, caregiver burnout and stress management techniques, and caregiver support and referral resources.
Contact: (713) 500-9931. Toll Free: (800)296-2606. Fax: (713) 500-0266.

Provider: Asian American Family Services
Provides: Mental Health Services
Website: https://www.aafstexas.org/
Services: The Asian American Family Center overall objectives is to enhance the mental health to Asian and non Asian older adults in Harris County Texas by providing educational seminars, support groups as a preventive measure, information and referral, as well as, intervention in the form of individual and group therapy
Contact: (713) 339-3688. Fax:(713) 339-3699

Provider: Montrose Counseling Center
Provides: Mental Health Services
Website: https://www.montrosecounselingcenter.org/2010/
Services: The Montrose Counseling Center provides counseling services that is designed to create healthier futures for its recipients. Services involve a continuum of care consisting of traditional therapy, outreach, education, peer support, advocacy and case management.
Contact: (713) 529-0037. Toll Free: (866) 327-7477.