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Contractor Information

Contractor Information


Contract Renewal Information

Please find below forms to be used during contract renewal.  The contract renewal letter s received by each provider this month was accompanied by the renewal checklist.  The checklist identifies the following items: 1) the required forms for each provider, 2) the deadline for forms 3) the contact person for the renewal process and 4) how forms should be submitted (form and transmission avenue). 


Affidavit of Ownership
Fair Campaign
Fair Campaign Ordinance Conflict of Interest
Drug Policy
Drug Policy Executive Order
Insurance Guidance
FY13 Proposed Rate Sheet
Supplier Guide
POP1 Requirements
POP2 Certification
POP5 Payment Option
POP7 Expense Report
POP8 Waiver
Vendor Name Change


Contractor Information
911 After Hours Information
Risk Assessment
Property Control
Agency Board Members
Certification Debarment
Emergency Checklist
POP Employee Contribution Over $150

Potential Contractor Information

Doing Business with the City Website: https://www.houstontx.gov/generalservices/design/business.html

Vendor City of Houston Registration PowerPoint

Service Provider Inquiry List – Add your agency to our inquiry list for future reference.