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Success Stories

You CAN succeed with a second chance from CRNP!Charles English, CRNP Graduate

“It's not easy coming out as a felon and finding a job to take care of your family. This program gave me hope when everyone else had given up on me. It gave me something to look forward to and confidence in myself to be a responsible man to support my family and make life better. I'm thankful and want to show people behind me there is a way.”

— Charles English, CRNP Graduate

Charles is one of 79 CRNP graduates who ushered in the program’s tenth year of helping ex-offenders transition into productive, contributing members of the Houston community. After graduating from the Health Department’s Community Re-Entry Network Program, Charles English turned his life around and landed a job with Houston Public Works.

DeShane Harmon, CRNP Graduate"The Community Re-Entry Network Program has helped me see things from a new perspective.”

— DeShane Harmon, CRNP Graduate