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Health and Human Services


  • AIDS/HIV Counseling and Testing
    HIV counseling and testing are provided at all HDHHS health centers. Education and  information about HIV infection are provided through direct service and a hotline. Other services include case management for HIV infected women, children and/or families and community outreach to injecting drug users.

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

  • Immunizations - Immunizations for infants, children and adults are offered at all HDHHS health centers and at 40 community sites throughout the city. Many sites have weekend and/or evening hours.
    For a schedule and location near you, call 832.393.5427.

  • Epidemiology and Disease Reporting

  • Tuberculosis (TB Control) - Examination, treatment and follow-up of tuberculosis (TB) cases and contacts is provided at all HDHHS health centers. Many sites have evening and weekend hours. Call 832.393.5173 or call the nearest health center for more information.

  • Hansen's Disease - Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s Disease, is a bacterial disease of the skin and nerves. Early signs or symptoms include: a rash on the trunk of the body and/or extremities; reddish or pale colored skin patches which do not itch and which may have lost some feeling; skin patches which get larger or do not go away, despite medical treatment; bumps and thickening of the skin, especially on the face, ears and the extremities; loss of feeling or weakness of the fingers or toes; a painful nerve or weak muscles of the lower arm or leg. More information is available.