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General Information

Do you have DIABETES or Pre-diabetes ? If so, you should visit the DAWN center!

What is DAWN?

DAWN is...

  • A community-based diabetes education program focused on helping to develop diabetes self-management skills. DAWN provides a space for members to learn and practice the many aspects of diabetes management in one place.
  • Free for adults that reside in the City of Houston and living with, or at risk for, diabetes.
  • A supportive program that compliments the clinical care you receive from your medical provider. The DAWN center DOES NOT DIAGNOSE or TREAT diabetes, nor PROVIDE CLINICAL SERVICES. Our emphasis is on support, not treatment.
  • Multiple resources in one location offering classes in diabetes management basics, nutrition and cooking, and physical activity.

Services and Programs
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DAWN Center Cooking Class

Knowing the Community

A World of Nutrition