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Houston Health Department established DAWN to offer free wellness programming to those diagnosed with, and at risk for, diabetes.  Members will make lifestyle enhancements to improve their disease management and quality of life.

The DAWN Center provides diabetes self-management education and health-related services. The DAWN center DOES NOT DIAGNOSE or TREAT diabetes, or PROVIDE CLINICAL SERVICES. Instead, DAWN focuses on complementing clinical services by offering services that are based in health promotion and behavior change. Services include evidence-based education classes or series, nutrition education, cooking classes, and physical fitness classes. During outreach events we can distribute information regarding the services that we offer as well as provide diabetes risk assessments and health coaching.

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Free Membership includes access to the following:

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education
  • Fitness Facilities and Recreation Activities
  • Nutrition Education and Consultation
  • Health Coaching and Goal Setting

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The DAWN mission is to partner with community members affected by diabetes to promote health behavior change and improve overall quality of life. Become a DAWN Member! Providers - Call for a partnership tour and meeting to discuss how reciprocal referrals can be exchanged with DAWN!