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Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets

The Houston Health Department organizes farmers markets in underserved, inner-city neighborhoods. The initiative aims to provide easier access to affordable fruits and vegetables in Houston communities considered food deserts because they are underserved by grocery stores and other fresh food outlets. HDHHS organizes monthly farmers markets in the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Magnolia and Fifth Ward, three communities where fresh food is not readily available.


Farmers Markets



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Fruits and vegetables help prevent or delay the start of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory and bone diseases.

Fruits and vegetables can also help people lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Slide show of farmers market at Magnolia Multi-Service Center

Slide show of farmers markets kickoff at Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center



Photos of farmers market at Lyons

For more information about the farmers markets, contact 832-393-4795.