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Dental Services

The HHD Bureau of Oral Health (BOH) emphasizes primary preventive dentistry, e.g., optimal oral hygiene and nutrition, sealants, and fluoride for its program participants. Additionally, it provides comprehensive dental services, with the exception of orthodontics and posterior root canals, for persons ages six (6) months through 21 years utilizing Title V funding; for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) recipients ages one (1) through 18 years; and for Medicaid recipients ages six (6) months through 20 years. Prenatal and post-partum (up to 90 days) dental services are provided through Title V funding. Preventive dental services are provided for WIC enrolled mothers/legal guardians.

Guide to Children's Dental Oral Health

1115 Waiver Information - Oral Health Services for At Risk Populations Project

La Nueva Casa de Amigos Dental Clinic
1809 North Main Street  3rd Floor
Houston  TX  77009-8310
Magnolia Dental Clinic
7037 Capitol Street
Houston  TX  77011

Northside Dental Clinic
8504 Schuller
Houston  TX  77093-7603

Sharpstown Health Services – Dental

6201 Bonhomme Road #350-S
Houston  TX  77036-4365
Sunnyside Dental Clinic
4605 Wilmington Blvd.
Houston  TX  77051-3319
Dental Eligibility Interview Sites include all of the clinics listed except Sharpstown Health Services - Dental.


A Healthy Smile for Your Child

Una Sonrisa Sana Para Sus Niños


General Information for Dental Services

Medicaid Card

• 6 months through 20 years of age


• 1 year through 18 years of age

WIC Shopping List

  • Dental appointments for WIC children can be made by presenting a current WIC Shopping List.
  • Mothers/legal guardians of WIC children are eligible for one dental visit.

City Dental Card

  • Persons; 6 months - 21 years of age and who do not have Medicaid, CHIP, or WIC
  • Pregnant women through 90 days post-partum
  • Call one of the Dental Interview Sites for information to obtain a City Dental Card.


Dental Interview Sites

La Nueva Casa de Amigos
Magnolia Health Center  
Northside Health Center 
Sunnyside Health Center
1809 N. Main St.
7037 Capitol St. 
8504 Schuller Rd. 
4605 Wilmington St.  



Houston Health Department, 8000 North Stadium Drive #26
Houston TX 77054-1823 Telephone: 832-395-0054

Program Overview


Oral health plays a significant part in one’s overall health and well being. The 2001 Dental Needs Assessment in Harris County revealed

45.9% of 2nd graders had untreated decay.


It is known children who suffer from oral health problems cannot learn well in school. Using an evidence and community-based public health dental approach, Project Saving Smiles provides dental screening, dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and oral health education free of charge targeting 2nd graders enrolled in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program and who have written parental consent. In a collaborative effort, the Houston Health Department, Good Neighbor Healthcare Center, Department of State Health Services, Women of Rotary, Texas Oral Health Coalition-Houston Region, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston – Dental Branch, Houston Community College, area schools, and other partners provide these preventive services.

Dental sealants are thin coatings applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth to prevent cavities. Sealants fill in the deep pits and grooves where food and plaque (bacteria) accumulate. Sealants, at times, may need to be reapplied to remain protective to the teeth. The sealants placed on the children’s teeth may be checked after one year to ensure they are retained. If needed, new sealants will be placed. Fluoride varnish is a protective coating painted on the teeth to help prevent new cavities and to stop cavities that have already started. No anesthesia is needed for the applications.

Proect Saing Smiles invites Houston area schools which have 70% or more students on the Free or Reduced Lunch Program.

Goal 1: Reduce dental cavities/decay in low-income students
Goal 2: Decrease school absences by decreasing oral pathology