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How can a homeowner get an on-site indoor air survey?

A homeowner has many avenues to get on-site help to identify indoor air quality problems.  There are trained investigators that can do on-site indoor air surveys.  Look in your local Yellow Pages phone book under categories such as "industrial hygiene consultants," "environmental consultants," or "testing or environmental laboratories."  Look for those that advertise "indoor air surveys" or "sick building syndrome."  Ask what certifications the firm holds and how much they charge to conduct a survey.  Call several and pick the one you are most comfortable with.  


The Texas Departement of State Health Services (DSHS) Indoor Air Quality Branch has developed a listing of certified indoor air consultants in Texas.  The list represents individuals holding a professional certification relating to indoor air quality from various organizations.  Please note that DSHS does NOT certify or license these individuals as indoor air consultants.  Consumers should be wary of any company or individual claiming to be certified or licensed by DSHS in this particular field.  (DSHS does, however, license individuals involved in asbestos-related activities and lead-related activities).

If you have health problems that you believe may be due to your home, please consult with your physician.

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