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How to report and track a complaint

  • Air pollution complaints during business hours: 311 or (713) 837-0311 or click the 311 logo
  • Other pollution complaints during business hours: (832) 393-5730
  • Complaints after business hours: (832) 393-5730

Useful information when reporting complaints 

The bureau responds to complaints involving water pollution, hazardous waste, nuisance from odor, smoke, dust, droplets and other, and discharges to air, soil, and water.

Examples of complaint sources

Before: smoking flares for more than 6 minutes
After: flares no longer produce smoke

Dust emissions from heavy vehicle and equipment traffic impacts nearby condominiums

Dust from concrete crushers and batch plants creates nuisance for communities

Fish kill

Runoff flowing into the stormwater drain

Runoff posing a threat to the stormwater drain

Improper storage of drums

Improper storage of waste and debris impacting neighbors