Houston Health Department

Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention


Our mission is to protect public health by improving the quality of ambient and indoor air, water and land in Houston.

Our work involves response to citizens’ complaints of air and water pollution, chemical dumping and spills, improper storage of chemical waste, mold and indoor air concerns. We undertake issues related to air and water quality, landfills, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, illegal dumping, illicit discharges and storage of solid/hazardous waste. We conduct complaint investigations, enforcement, environmental monitoring and surveillance, permitting and policy review and community outreach.

About Us

The Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention (BPCP) is a bureau within the Environmental Health Division (EHD) of the Houston Health Department (HHD). An Air Pollution Control Program was established in 1967 to help abate air pollution in Houston, and a Water Pollution Control program was initiated in 1973. The revised City of Houston Smoking Ordinance became effective on September 1, 2007. More+




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