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Chapter 43 City Code of Ordinance

Swimming Pool Demolition Permit

Pool Inspection Requirements
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  • Approximately 4,000 public and semi-public swimming pools/spas exist within the incorporated limits of the City of Houston
  • The Houston Health Department regulates public pools/spas; compliance with City Ordinance Chapter 43 is assessed through annual inspections
  • HDHHS responds to complaints concerning improperly maintained swimming pools/spas
  • HDHHS reviews and regulates all new commercial
    swimming pool/spa constructions to ensure compliance with State Design Standards for public pools/spas
  • For fee schedules, go to www.houstoncityfees.org

New Pool Construction

Requirements for submitting construction plans for a new pool or spa

  • Two (2) complete sets of plans with specifications
  • Plans must be drawn to scale and scale noted on plan
  • Include top view and side view of pool and spa with appropriate measurements
  • Show size and type of filter and pump
  • Show location of pump and filter in relation to pool/spa
  • Show total number of gallons
  • Note surface area of pool/spa in square feet
  • Include the name and address of pool/spa location
  • Indicate the size and type of piping with schematic, drawn to scale

Fees and Obtaining an Operating Permit  

1.      Pool Operating Permit - $153.94

2.      Pool Late Fee - $57.01

3.      Pool Pre-opening Inspection - $142.53

4.      Pool Reinspection Fee - 188.14

5.      Pool Replacement Permit - $28.50

6.      Pool Plan Review – Residential - $79.82 

7.      Pool Plan Review – Commercial - $153.94

7.      Admin Fee – $28.50

Complete Application and submit payment to:

City of Houston
Department of Health and Human Services
8000 North Stadium Drive
Consumer Health, 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77054

Online Payments


Commercial pools/spas must be in kept in good working condition and meet inspection requirements all year round. Neglect and non-compliance with City regulations creates hazardous conditions. Violations of the requirements listed can result in fines ranging $250 to $2000 per day, per violation.

Examples of Violations


Fence violation - gap greater than four inches.

Missing main drain cover violation.


Water clarity and fence violation.

Water clarity violation



Example of an improperly removed spa.

Example of a properly removed spa.

Contact Us:

Houston Health Department
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8000 N. Stadium Dr., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77054
Phone: 832-393-5100
Fax: 832-393-5208
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