Health and Human Services

Community and Children's Environmental Health

The Bureau of Community and Children's Environmental Health (BCCEH)
provides support to the community through outreach programs providing education to residents, community partners and educators.  The team of investigators responds to complaints regarding childhood lead poisoning, indoor air quality, occupational health, medical waste, radiation compliance and smoking.  The EMS Team in the bureau also oversees the safety of ambulances.

Mission statement

  • to develop a cross referral/follow up system dedicated to tracking community and children’s environmental health,
  • to incorporate the expertise of community advocates through social justice and legislative change to focus on the success of the community and children’s health,
  • to education families and to make homes environmentally safe,
  • to reduce the environmental hazards of lead poisoning, asthma and unintentional injuries that impact health.

The BCCEH brings both experience and resources to find housing solutions that are affordable, practical and immediate for low income populations. -- Photo at right is a lead paint inspection.



     Our Services

Ambulance Inspections


Community Health


Healthy Homes Program


Lead Programs


  • Provide educational information.

No-Smoking Ordinance

Indoor Air

  • Investigate indoor air and surface pollution complaints from contaminants such as mercury, carbon monoxide, pesticides, mold and other chemicals and biohazards.

Medical Waste and Infection Control

  • Investigate medical waste and infection control complaints and remove illegally dumped waste from public property.


Occupational Health

Investigations, inspections and tests

  • Investigate occupational health complaints.
  • Conduct inspections of industries with occupational health and safety problems.
  • Conduct inspections to license funeral homes.
  • Collect samples and conduct tests to evaluate hazardous conditions.
  • Determine methods to control and prevent health hazards.


  • Provide educational information and technical advice.

Radiationa and radioactivity

  • Radiological Compliance and investigate radiation complaints
  • Conduct inspections involving sources of ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation and provide radiation training and education to employees and emergency responders.
  • Review and update radioactive material licenses and registrations.

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Main number: 832.393.5141

To file a complaint / Indoor Air Quality, No-Smoking Ordinance, Occupational Health Inspections, Medical Waste Complaints, Radiation Concerns, please call 832.393.5750