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Health and Human Services

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program (LBPHCP)

window with lead paintThe Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program (LBPHCP), has been in operation since 1996. BCCEH performs a combination of lead inspections and risk assessments to every unit which meets HUD’s guidelines and qualifies to participate in the program. All services are at no cost to qualifying families. Qualifying families must be low income and at least have one child less than 72 months of age who has a lead level of greater than 6ug/dl residing in the housing unit. The program provides interim lead reduction to most housing units since this method is the most cost effective. In some cases due to the low income housing stock and the condition/age of the windows/doors (surfaces of contact), replacement of such components becomes cost effective.

Since 1996, BCCEH has remediated over 2,250 housing units, trained 167 unemployed/ underemployed individuals to be state certified lead hazard reduction workers and screened over 170,000 children.  Also, during these periods 24,651 individuals received one-on-one lead management-in-place education. For more information about this program please contact 832-393-5141.

Watch the videos below to learn how the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program protects children from lead poisoning.


Dr. Brenda Reyes

Dr. Brenda Reyes