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Community Advocacy and Participation are essential to
the success of the Medical Monitoring Project (MMP)



Community Advisory Board

The local Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes a diverse group of individuals who are all concerned about the wellbeing of HIV-positive persons in the community and the quality of care they receive. This group consists of consumers, Community-Based Organizations, activists and HIV care and support service providers. The purpose of the CAB for MMP is to involve community members in the development and implementation of this project to ensure the project meets the community’s needs. As community advocates, CAB members convey the patient perspective to both local and national MMP staff.  CAB members work closely with local MMP staff in the recruitment of HIV care facilities and patients and are involved in the organization of community outreach programs to market the project in Houston/Harris County. They also provide invaluable input in patient recruitment, questionnaire development, operational considerations, barriers to participation and optimal methods for data dissemination. In addition to collaborating with MMP staff, CAB members serve as local representatives or resources for MMP to answer questions from participants and persons interested in participating.

The local CAB is also represented at the national Community Advisory Board
(CAB), composed of community representatives from each of the 23 project
areas. Detailed information on the purpose of CAB and the role of CAB members is available here. To support the local CAB, the HMMP invites leadership from local health departments, experts and important stakeholders in the field of HIV/AIDS to serve as CAB consultants and provide necessary advice on important operational and project implementation issues. For further information about HMMP CAB membership and participation in the project, please contact HMMP staff. Additional information is available in this CAB brochure.

CAB members


Provider Advisory Board

HMMP has a local Provider Advisory Board (PAB) composed of HIV care physicians that represent large, medium and small HIV care facilities in Houston/Harris County. The success of MMP hinges on providers’ participation and the recruitment of their patients. The goal of the MMP PAB is to involve HIV providers in the development and implementation of this project such that the participation of selected facilities is maximized. PAB members foster collaborations between local MMP staff and HIV care providers. Offering the provider perspective, PAB members advise local MMP staff on aspects related to the development and implementation of MMP. They provide significant input on MMP data collection instruments, facility and patient recruitment strategies, and increase project awareness to the medical community in Houston/Harris County. In addition, PAB members inform local providers about the MMP and encourage providers to participate. Similar to the CAB, PAB members serve as a peer resource locally for the HIV care providers approached to participate in the MMP. The local PAB is also represented at the MMP national PAB consisting of 23 HIV care providers from each project area. Detailed information on the purpose of PAB and the role of PAB members is available here. For further information about PAB and participation in the project, please contact HMMP staff.


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For more information about HMMP and participation in the project, please contact the Bureau of Epidemiology at 832.393.5080, or contact HMMP by e-mail.



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