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What is the Medical Monitoring Project?


It’s a survey of the needs and experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in
the United States. The MMP is supported by the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Health Resources and Services Administration and your state or local health department. The MMP
will help answer important questions about people living with HIV/AIDS,
such as:


  • How many people are getting medical care for HIV/AIDS?
  • How easily can you access and use prevention and support services?
  • How is your life affected by HIV drugs and medical care?
  • What are your important needs living with HIV?
  • Which of your needs related to HIV care and treatment are not being met?


The MMP is unique because the information collected will represent the experiences of people who receive care for HIV/AIDS. No project has been able to do this before. The Medical Monitoring Project opens the door for the opportunity to provide information that will be useful to community planning groups, Ryan White CARE Act advisory and planning councils, and providers of HIV care. If you participate, your experiences could help guide decisions that may improve the lives and the quality of care for people living with HIV/AIDS.


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FAQ for Patients


How does MMP work?
First, providers who care for patients with HIV/AIDS will be invited to
participate. Through an informed consent process, those selected patients are offered participation in a face-to-face or telephone interview by a trained interviwer. Patients cannot volunteer for the MMP. Each year, a different group of patients will be asked to participate. All personal information will be kept
strictly confidential, and participants will be compensated for their time. For the information collected through MMP to be most useful, it is essential that as many of the selected patients as possible participate.

Do patients who are selected have to participate?
No. Participating in the interview is optional. Project staff also
respect the right of patients to skip any questions they do not want to
answer during the interview.

What measures are taken to ensure patient confidentiality?
Strict confidentiality is maintained at all levels. Information about individual
patients gathered from the interview is never disclosed to anyone, not even
the patient’s provider. Identifying information such as name are not
collected or sent to CDC. For more information, read our page on
Confidentiality here

What kind of compensation might I receive for participating?
Participants receive a gift card to a grocery or general store.

What can I do to help make the MMP a success?

  • Encourage your healthcare provider to take part in the MMP.
  • If you are selected for an interview, agree to participate. Your experience matters! Get involved in the Community Advisory Board, and help ensure that the MMP meets your community’s needs.

    For more information, contact Houston MMP staff or visit the CDC webpage.


Project Participation


Maximum provider and patient participation will increase the likelihood of obtaining information that is truly representative of patients in care for HIV. 
The success of MMP depends on the providers and patients selected to participate. Providers and patients not selected to participate in the project,
you can still help by encouraging others to participate.  




For more information about HMMP and participation in the project, please contact the Bureau of Epidemiology at 832-393-5080, or
contact by e-mail.



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