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What is the Medical Monitoring Project?


It’s a survey of the needs and experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The MMP is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Health Resources and Services Administration and your state or local health department. The MMP will help
answer important questions about people living with HIV/AIDS, such as:


  • How many people are getting medical care for HIV/AIDS?
  • How easily can you access and use prevention and support services?
  • How is your life affected by HIV drugs and medical care?
  • What are your important needs living with HIV?
  • Which of your needs related to HIV care and treatment are not being met?


The MMP is unique because the information collected will represent the
experiences of people who receive care for HIV/AIDS. No project has been able
to do this before. The Medical Monitoring Project opens the door for the
opportunity to provide information that will be useful to community planning groups, Ryan White CARE Act advisory and planning councils, and providers
of HIV care. If you participate, your experiences could help guide decisions that may improve the lives and the quality of care for people living with HIV/AIDS.



MMP is vital to the future of HIV care, treatment, prevention and support services

Your participation is essential to the success of this project. Your influence in and knowledge of the community is an asset to the patients for whom you provide care. Together, we can gain a better understanding of the ever-changing nature of HIV infection. Providers and patients can contact Houston MMP staff for more information on the project, or visit the CDC webpage.



Questions & Answers for Providers


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What does the project entail?
There are two components: an interview and a medical record abstraction.
How are providers and patients chosen?
Providers and patients are chosen randomly using scientific methods, without names or other identifying information.
What is my role as a provider if selected?
To assist health department staff in gathering the information they need to
facilitate patient participation in the interview and facilitate the process of medical record abstraction, and encourage patients to participate. By participating, you
are representing providers like you who were not selected.
As a provider, do I still play a role even if my facility is not
selected during the sampling process?
Yes, providing your estimated patient load to the health department is an
important contribution to the MMP even if you are not selected. Providers may
play a role in future project years as a new sample of providers will be selected each year.
As a provider, what if I choose not to participate?
If you choose not to participate, you will be refusing participation for all of your patients. You will not be replaced by another provider in the sample.
For providers who participate, how much of their time will be
State and local health department staff will conduct all data collection activities so that your staff and services to your patients will not be disrupted.
How can I be certain that patients' privacy will be maintained? What laws protect my release of patient information to MMP staff?
All measures will be taken to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality. Patient, provider and facility names will not be transmitted to the CDC.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996 permits health care providers to disclose protected health information to public health authorities for the purposes of preventing or controlling disease, for example, as part of this public health surveillance project. For more information about MMP privacy procedures in Houston, please visit our Confidentiality page or contact HMMP staff.
Can patients decline or withdraw from participating?
Yes, patients may decline or change their minds about participating at any time. However, patients selected represent other patients in care, so their participation is important.
Will patients be compensated for their time?
Yes, there will be compensation for patients who participate.
Will providers be compensated for their time?
Yes, there will be compensation for providers who participate.
What does it mean to be selected?
Initially, your state or local health department will be contacting you to get an estimate of the number of HIV-positive patients to whom you provided care during the project period. These numbers, along with estimates from other facilities across the 23 participating areas, will be used to draw a random sample of all HIV care providers. Providers that are selected through this process will be contacted by the health department and later, patients will be randomly selected from those providers.



Providing this preliminary information to the health department will assist in characterizing the providers in your area. If you are selected, the HIV-positive community and the community of care providers will benefit by your participation. By participating you will be representing providers similar to you who care for HIV-positive patients. If you are not selected, you will be represented by providers, like you. Data collected and outcomes determined from MMP will help to demonstrate how care is impacting the health of people with HIV in your community.


If you choose to participate, state and local health department representatives will conduct all data collection activities so as to not disrupt you, your staff, or services to your patients. Security and confidentiality of personal and health care information will be strictly maintained. Names of participating facilities, providers and patients will not be disclosed to the CDC.



Finally, we need your help to encourage patients to participate. Maximizing participation will increase the likelihood of obtaining information that is truly representative of patients in care for HIV locally and across the U.S.


For more information about HMMP and participation in the project, please contact the Bureau of Epidemiology at 832-393-5080 or contact by e-mail.


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Project Participation

Maximum provider and patient participation will increase the likelihood of obtaining information that is truly representative of patients in care for HIV. The success of MMP depends on the providers and patients selected to participate.

If you are not selected to participate in the project, you can still help by encouraging others to participate!



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