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  • The Houston Health Department Bureau of Consumer Health Services’ role is to effectively utilize the available resources to protect the community by administering the public health ordinance of the City of Houston and the state of Texas toward the prevention of disease, disability, and death resulting from food borne and water borne illness and swimming-pool-drowning through enforcement and education.

Hurricane Harvey Update:
  • Consumer Health - Post Disaster Guidelines and Procedures

  • New: Approved Food Ordinance Amendments December 2015

    Charitable food service information
    City of Houston, Texas, Ordinance No. 2012-269 - an ordinance amending chapter 20 of the code of ordinances, Houston, Texas, relating to feeding those in need; containing findings and other provisions relating to the foregoing subject; providing for severability; and declaring an emergency. –  Full text in pdf file here


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  • City of Houston fee schedules


    Plan review fees update

    “In accordance with Chapter 20-25(e) of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances, the Department of Health and Human Services will begin assessing a separate plan review fee for all plan submittals received on or after January 1, 2013. This  fee applies only to food establishments.  Projects submitted prior to January 1 are not subject to this fee. This fee will be based on valuation of the project.  For questions or concerns please contact David McCoy at (832)-393-4953 or david.mccoy@houstontx.gov

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    Dogs on Patios
    Dog-Friendly Dining Options on Patios -   Owners of restaurants and other food establishments may apply for a variance to Section 20-21.28(f)(01) of the Houston Food Ordinance to allow dogs in outdoor dining areas. Owners desiring to permit dogs on patios must make application on a form provided by the Department and comply with the conditions of the variance including an inspection of the premises prior to approval of the application Exemption for Dogs on Patios. Applicants must also pay a one-time pre-operational fee as prescribed in the Fee Schedule. Additionally, they must agree to comply with the sanitation requirements listed on the variance application to ensure that no health hazard or nuisance will occur. Application for the variance is strictly voluntary.
    Food establishment owners are not mandated by ordinance to allow dogs on patios. For more information, please call 832-393-5100 or email to CHS@houstontx.gov

    Food Establishments with HHD Approved Dog Patios

    Special Waste
      Generator (Grease trap, Grit trap, Lint trap, and other city regulated waste generators)
      Service Companies (transporters, biological pretreatment, and pressure washers)

    Swimming Pools

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    Food Safety and Pools:

    Houston Health Department
    Bureau of Consumer Health Services
    8000 N. Stadium Dr., 2nd Floor
    Houston, TX 77054 
    Phone: 832-393-5100 
    Fax: 832-393-5208

    Special Waste:

    Houston Health Department
    Bureau of Consumer Health Services
    7411 Park Place Blvd Houston, TX 77087 
    Phone: 832-393-5740
    Fax: 832-393-5706


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