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Health and Human Services

Conventional Restricted Units

Restricted Motorized Units

General Information:

All Foods on this type of unit must be packaged, except for non-potentially hazardous beverages (coffee or tea, for example) dispensed from protected equipment.  Since this type of food requires no utensils and no food is exposed, the Houston Food Ordinance does not require restricted unit to have sinks.
Note:  No preparation, repackaging, or portioning of food may take place on a unit permitted as a restricted operations unit.

To obtain a permit:
Take unit to 7411 Park Place on a Tuesday or Thursday before 10am for inspection.  Important:  If your unit uses propane, click here or Fire Department requirements for your unit.


What to Bring for Inspection:

Texas Driver License
Proof of Insurance
State Sales Tax Permit (click here for more information)
Road-worthy unit (current safety inspection and registration stickers)
Business name permanently on 2 sides,  minimum 3” tall letters
Fire extinguisher ( 2A10BC if no propane.   3A40BC or 4A40BC if propane)

Note:  If unit uses propane, bring also:
-paid invoice for LP Gas permit
 -receipt from gas equipment inspection
Click here for list of approved gas equipment inspection companies
Click here for Fire Department requirements for units that use LP Gas.
LP Gas permit office:     1002 Washington, 77002       Ph. 832-394-9083

Operational Requirements for Restricted Units:

Do not stop or park on a public street or sidewalk to sell. 
Keep all potentially hazardous foods at required temperatures of
135 degrees F or hotter, or 41 degrees F or colder

Remember: A restricted mobile food unit is a unit that serves only:

  • Food prepared and packaged in individual servings at an approved commissary
  • Beverages that are not potentially hazardous [coffee, tea, lemonade] and are dispensed from covered urns or other protected equipment
  • Potentially hazardous beverages such as individual servings of milk, milk products and coffee creams packaged at a pasteurizing plant and
  • Prepackaged individual serving frozen dessert items including frozen ice and ice cream novelty bars, cones and serving cups that have been packaged at a pasteurizing plant or other approved facility.

Do not sell any foods which do not fall under this definition.