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Health and Human Services

Ice Cream Tricycles and Push Carts

How to get a permit (medallion):

Bring unit to 7411 Park Place 77087 on a Tuesday or Thursday,  7am-10am.
Must have business name on 2 sides
Bring picture I.D. and State Sales Tax Permit 
Click here for Sales Tax information

Rules for Operating Push Carts

Packaged frozen desserts (popsicles and ice-cream bars) may be displayed and sold on sidewalks from push carts. No other foods may be sold on street or sidewalk in Houston

Sec. 40-9.1

“Frozen desserts may be sold upon the sidewalks from non-motorized push cart mobile food units. Each push cart mobile food unit must be operated pursuant to a medallion issued under section 20-37 of this Code....The provisions of this section do not authorize the operation of a push cart mobile food unit upon the sidewalks in a park as defined in article IX of chapter 32 of this Code or within the "theater/entertainment district," as defined in article XI of this chapter, unless any additional permits, concessions or licenses that are required for operation in those areas are also obtained in full compliance with the aforesaid articles.”

Note: Operating in a city of Houston park requires an additional permit from Parks and Recreation Department.  Call 311

Rules for Operating Tricycles:

Sec 40-9

A person may sell frozen desserts from sanitary vehicles approved and licensed by the health officer pursuant to this Code, and such other refrigerated vehicles from which are sold or dispensed frozen dessert products that are fully wrapped, enclosed and contained in individual wrappers or containers, provided that such vehicles shall be operated and maintained in full compliance with the health, food, drug and sanitary provisions of this Code and the applicable statutes of the state, and provided further that prior to making a sale or dispensing such frozen dessert products the driver of such vehicle shall drive to the side of the street, as close as practicable to the curb, and if there is no curb, then as close as practicable to the hedge of the paved portion or the edge of the portion used for vehicular traffic of said road, and the driver shall stop, stand or park such vehicle in full compliance with all applicable ordinances of the city and statutes of the state, and particularly ordinances governing the stopping, standing, or parking of vehicles, and such vehicle shall remain so stopped, standing or parked for no longer than is necessary to make the immediate sale or to dispense such frozen dessert products.