Health and Human Services

Ice Cream Trucks and Vans

How to get a Medallion:

Take unit to 7411 Park Place77087 on a Tuesday or Thursday morning (7am-10am)


Properly equipped unit,           
Current TX Driver License,
Proof of Insurance card,
State Sales Tax Permit,             
2A10BC fire extinguisher 
Money Order in amount specified under  ‘Permit and Other Fees’ section of Mobile Food Units main page

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Click here for information on Sales Tax Permit

For any changes to medallion fee or regulations, see home page (Mobile Food Unit News)

Rules for Operating an ice cream truck:

Sec 40-9 Sale of Frozen Desserts from Vehicles

A person may sell frozen desserts from sanitary vehicles approved and licensed by the health officer pursuant to this Code, and such other refrigerated vehicles from which are sold or dispensed frozen dessert products that are fully wrapped, enclosed and contained in individual wrappers or containers, provided that such vehicles shall be operated and maintained in full compliance with the health, food, drug and sanitary provisions of this Code and the applicable statutes of the state, and provided further that prior to making a sale or dispensing such frozen dessert products the driver of such vehicle shall drive to the side of the street, as close as practicable to the curb, and if there is no curb, then as close as practicable to the hedge of the paved portion or the edge of the portion used for vehicular traffic of said road, and the driver shall stop, stand or park such vehicle in full compliance with all applicable ordinances of the city and statutes of the state, and particularly ordinances governing the stopping, standing, or parking of vehicles, and such vehicle shall remain so stopped, standing or parked for no longer than is necessary to make the immediate sale or to dispense such frozen dessert products.

Any truck used for the purpose of selling or dispensing frozen desserts shall be equipped with a sign clearly visible from both the front and rear, mounted on the top of the truck and bearing the warning "CAUTION—CHILDREN." The lettering for such sign shall be block style letters not less than six inches high and one-half inch wide, and such letters shall be black against a yellow background. Flasher-type warning lights displaying yellow to the front and red to the rear and which operate continuously while the truck is stopped for the purpose of making a sale or dispensing frozen desserts shall be installed at each end of the sign. Failure to so equip and maintain such a truck shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not less than $100.00 nor more than $500.00 and each day's violation shall be a separate offense.
(Code 1968, § 41-10.2; Ord. No. 76-981, § 1, 6-30-76; Ord. No. 92-1449, § 54, 11-4-92)

Note:  No foods other than individually packaged frozen desserts may be sold on the street.