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The Houston Area Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Care Services Plan for 2012 through 2014

In July 2012, the Ryan White Planning Council and the Houston HIV Prevenetion Planning Group released the Houston Area Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Care Services Plan (2012 – 2014).

  1. The purpose of the plan is to:
    Describe the current system of HIV prevention and care services in the Houston Area;
  2. Describe an ideal system of HIV prevention and care services for the Houston Area;
  3. Outline the specific activities needed to make progress toward this ideal system; and
  4. Describe how progress toward an ideal system will be measured.

The plan is intended to be used by the Ryan White Planning Council and the Houston HIV Planning Group, by Administrative Agents and grantees, by providers of HIV prevention and care services as well as by partners, stakeholders, and other decision-makers as they respond to the needs of people at risk for or infected with HIV.



City of Houston Department of Health & Human Services


The Quarterly HIV/AIDS Update - HIV/AIDS: Houston/Harris County Cases



Houston Ryan White Planning Council


The Houston Ryan White Planning Council, in collaboration with consumers, service providers, and other experts determine what services are most needed by people living with HIV/AIDS in the Houston EMA. The Council then prioritizes those services and decides the best way to allocate Houston's Part A grant award of the The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009


2011 Needs Assessment

Detailed information about service usage for a defined population and, as a result, is an essential tool for planning for service-delivery in a community.


2013 Integrated Epidemiological Profile for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Planning


Ryan White Planning Council Blue Book

A resource guide for HIV services in Houston and the surrounding area


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Event Participation Information

If your agency or organization is planning an upcoming, community-based event, HDHHS may be able assist with your event.  Let us know about your event by completing and submitting the Event Participation Form (which begins on the next page). To prevent delays in this process, please provide detailed information about your event. Any community event that requests HDHHS support and its resources must adhere to the following:

  • Written request must be submitted thirty days prior to the event helps to better ensure HDHHS support.
  • Request form should be filled out with as much information as possible.    
  • Submit request by fax to (832) 393-5236 or email to: 
  • Community event request form


Texas Consortium for Perinatal HIV Prevention (TCPHP)


The Texas Consortium for Perinatal HIV Prevention (TCPHP) has released a set of guidelines and recommendations for the prevention of perinatal HIV transmission in Texas.  The handbook contains recommendations for HIV testing of pregnant women in Texas as well as guidelines for care of HIV-infected pregnant women. To access the complete 23 page handbook, please visit:


Guidelines for Care for HIV-Infected Pregnant Women in Texas - PDF | Word

Recommendations for HIV Testing of Pregnant Women in Texas - PDF | Word


Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas HIV Surveillance Report 2010
Annual summary of reported HIV infections and AIDS cases in Texas.


Texas STD Surveillance Report 2011

Annual summary of reported Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis infections in Texas.

2010 Texas Integrated Epidemiologic Profile for HIV/AIDS
A summary of information on known HIV/AIDS cases in Texas.


More DSHS Reports


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