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Health and Human Services

Northside Health Center

Northside Health Center is at 8504 Schuller, Houston, TX 77093 in north central Houston,
north of the North Loop and between the Hardy Toll Road and the Eastex Freeway U.S. 59.

Photo of Northside Health Center

Northside Health Center
8504 Schuller
Houston, Texas 77093
Office: 713-696-5900
Appointments: 832-393-5428
Fax: 713-694-4169


Parental consent is not required for family planning services to adolescents. Consentimiento de los padres no es necesario para los servicios de planificación familiar para adolescents.
Hours of Service
For further information, please contact the administration office. Clinic is closed on Friday
afternoons and on the second Wednesday afternoon of every month.

Hours of Service
Monday Only 8:30 a.m—4:30 p.m.
Tuesday—Thursday 7:30 a.m—3:30 p.m.
Friday Only 7:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m.
Immunizations for infants, children are offered. Call the health center for more information 713-696-5900.

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STD Services
Hours of Service
Monday—Friday Walk-Ins
The STD clinic provides services to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Houston/Harris County area by improving our response to HIV infection and associated risk factors, preventing the spread of HIV, maximize health and social outcomes. We provide HIV/STD Counseling, Testing and Referral Services, Health Education/Risk Reduction, and Risk Counseling Services. For further information please call 713-696-5944.

TB Services
Hours of Service
Monday—Friday By Appointment Only the TB (Tuberculosis) clinic provides treatment and public health follow-up for disease control. Priority patients are those clinically diagnosed as a TB Suspect, TB Case, identified contacts to a documented TB case and class B1/B2 immigrants with abnormal chest x-rays. For more information please call 713-742-1331.

Family Planning
Hours of Service
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday By Appointment Only
Contraceptive education and services for women of child-bearing age are offered. Services include long and short term family planning methods. Call the health center for more information. Call in advance for an appointment 832-393-5428.

Eligibility Screening
Hours of Service Monday-Friday Walk-Ins
In order to qualify for family planning, maternity, dental and well child programs, you must complete eligibility screening and provide current documentation of the following: • Income (family) • Residency• Dependents
• Marital Status • Identification. For further information call the eligibility screener at 713-696-5930.

Water Sample Testing drop off point
Call 713.696.5990 for information

Community Health Choice
Health Education Classroom
Every Thursday 9:00a.m.—3:30p.m.
Provides Medicaid, Chip Assistance.

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center - North
Hours of Service
Monday—Friday By Appointment Only
Good Neighbor Healthcare Center is a privately funded, non-profit clinic that originated in the 1960’s to provide healthcare services to residents. Patient fees are charged on a sliding scale based on household size and income. All patients are welcome regardless of where they reside. For an appointment or more information call 713-387-7171.

Other Services Offered

Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) Program
Monday-Friday By Appointment Only
WIC is a food supplement and nutrition education program for pregnant and post-partum mothers, infants and children up to age five who are at nutritional risk. WIC appointment call 832-393-5427.

Monday—Friday By Appointment Only
Dental services are available for low-income children 1 through 20 years of age who are enrolled in the CHIP, or WIC program, and who do not have Medicaid (Title XIX), Preventive dental services are provided for enrolled prenatal patients. Call in advance for an appointment 832-393-5428. To qualify clients need to go through a dental eligibility process.  For dental eligibility at Northside Health Centers, see an Eligibility Screener.

Pregnancy Test Only
Wednesdays By Appointment Only
Appointments are only in the morning. Call in advance for an appointment 832-393-5428.

Speech and Language Therapy
Monday & Wednesday By Appointment Only
Services for children and Adults 12:00-4:30pm. Call in advance for an appointment 713-696-5928.

Cervical Cancer Screening
Wednesday By Appointment Only
Call in advance for an appointment 832-393-5428.

Hansen Disease Clinic
First Thursday of the Month Only By Appointment Only
Call in advance for an appointment 832-393-4798.

Mammogram Screening and Education
Project Valet –M.D. Anderson Cancer Center & Houston Department of Health and Human Services are working together to bring mammograms screening and education to Northside Community. For an appointment or more information call: 832-393-5428.

Houston Food Bank Social Services Outreach Program
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Provides Medicaid, Chip, Food Stamp Assistance.