Houston Health Department

Sunnyside Health Center

Sunnyside Health Center is located south of Interstate 10 and near Cullen Blvd.

Physical Address:

4605 Wilmington St, Houston, TX 77051

Sunnyside Health Center

Parental consent is not required for family planning services to adolescents.
“No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay; and there is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available.

Consentimiento de los padres no es necesario para los servicios de planificación familiar para adolescents.
“A nadie se le negará el servicio por incapacidad de pago; existe disponibilidad de horarios en descuento.”

Services at Sunnyside:
Note: Center closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Services at Sunnyside

Immunization information:

  • Patients age 18 and younger, may be eligible for the Texas Vaccines for Children (TFVC) Program.
  • Patients age 19 and older, may be eligible for the Adult Safety Net (ASN) Program.
  • Those who do not qualify can visit the Vaccine Center for Adults and Travelers (VCAT) clinic located within Sharpstown Health Center
  • “STD and Immunization is a Walk-in service base on the quota for each session and a quota is set for each session."

    For (WIC) Program: Call 832.393.5427 or go to WIC home page