News Release

June 22, 2001

HDHHS concludes temporary tetanus vaccination sites

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services on Friday concluded its temporary tetanus vaccination sites and will provide the shots at its seven health centers.

The department mobilized nursing staff from its health centers and set up twenty-nine temporary sites in numerous areas of the city to provide tetanus shots to people severely affected by the floodwaters resulting from Tropical Storm Allison.

All mobile immunization sites operated by the department will return to normal schedules on Monday, June 25.

St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities will provide tetanus shots Monday, June 25, at Lakewood Church, 7313 E. Houston, and the Harvest Time Evangelical Center, 17770 Imperial Valley, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Health centers and addresses are:

La Nueva Casa de Amigos Health Center, 1809 North Main Street

Lyons Health Center, 5602 Lyons,

Magnolia Health Center, 7037 Capitol,

Northside Health Center, 8523 Arkansas,

Riverside Health Center, 3315 Delano,

Sunnyside Health Center, 9314 Cullen Blvd., and

West End Health Center, 190 Heights.

People seven years of age and older with puncture wounds or cuts that were exposed to flood water or dirt may be at risk for contracting tetanus and need a tetanus shot if they have not had one in the past five years.

Exposure to flood water without a wound or skin injury is not a risk for tetanus.

For information about tetanus vaccination, call 713-794-9267.