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MEETING SET TO RECRUIT LOCAL LEADERS FOR NEW CAMPAIGN   Contact: Kathy Barton 713-794-9998 or Porfirio Villarreal at 713-794-9021 

Meeting set to recruit local leaders for new campaign against HIV, AIDS

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services will sponsor a luncheon meeting to engage leaders from different city sectors in a new campaign to help reduce HIV and AIDS in the African-American community.

Leaders from the faith, arts and entertainment, civic, social, business and education sectors of the city will gather Thursday, Feb. 7, at Grooves Restaurant, 2300 Pierce Street, to lay the groundwork for the Houston ACT! Against AIDS Leadership Mobilization campaign. ACT stands for A, increase awareness; C, deliver communication where blacks gather; and T, promote HIV testing.

The campaign will help increase the leaders’ understanding of the impact of HIV and AIDS in the African-American community and show them how they can use their influence and resources to support disease-prevention efforts. It will also help secure involvement commitments from the leaders.

Fifty-four percent of the 14,585 HIV infections reported to HDHHS since 1999 are among African-Americans.

To register for the meeting, call 713-794-2904.

This news release was issued January 30, 2008.