Houston Health Department

Kick off 2019 with the IT’S TIME TEXAS Community Challenge

Jan. 4, 2019
By: Stephen L. Williams
Director, Houston Health Department

image:Stephen L. WilliamsHOUSTON — The intentions are good. But when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, our motivation to keep on a healthier track can fade as the weeks pass.

That’s why we at the Houston Health Department encourage you to participate in the 2019 IT’S TIME TEXAS Community Challenge. The statewide competition helps you create healthy habits while competing against other communities for bragging rights and grant money.

The Challenge runs January 7 to March 3, 2019 and it’s free to participate.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register at ittcommunitychallenge.com. This earns 500 points to get started.
  2. Take healthy selfies whenever you’re eating healthy or participating in a physical activity. You can upload seven selfies per day for 200 points each.
  3. Use the fitness tracker for 100 points twice per day.
  4. Watch the living healthier video lesson and answer a few questions for 200 points.
  5. Host a community event for 250 points. It must be a free, public, fitness-focused event for the entire community to enjoy.

Your community leaders also play a huge role in the Challenge. Elected officials, school representatives, businesses and organizations can earn points by signing pledges and participating in other activities.

In addition to earning bragging rights over our fellow Texas cities, the five winning communities will receive funds to put toward future health-related projects.

Unfortunately, chronic diseases linked to obesity and inactivity are leading to an increasing amount of preventable deaths in the United States, including here in Houston. Even small improvements in healthy eating and physical activity can have a big impact on your health and well-being.

Let’s all join forces, celebrate healthy living and find the motivation to keep on track with New Year’s resolutions through the IT’S TIME TEXAS Community Challenge.

Do it for you, your family and community. It’s time, Houston!