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Health and Human Services

HDHHS conducting rapid community health assessment in response to growing needs due to Hurricane Ike
   Contact: Kathy Barton 713-794-9998 or Porfirio Villarreal at 713-794-9021 

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS) is conducting a rapid community health assessment to help link residents impacted by Hurricane Ike with health care and human services.

HDHHS employees visited 115 Houston homes on Thursday and will survey another 385 households on Friday to determine immediate needs such as prescription medications, medical supplies, access to medical care and emergency shelter, food and clothing and other necessities due to the hurricane.

They distributed information packets featuring resources helpful in recovering from the hurricane to about 850 people on Thursday.

More than 150 HDHHS employees are dispersing to randomly selected census tracks in Houston’s Northwest, North, Northeast, the East End and Southeast to conduct the assessment.

The employees will also survey residents about flooding damages, injuries, illnesses and problems with transportation and telephone service as a result of the storm.
HDHHS will use the assessment to help ensure residents receive referrals for services currently available through a variety of agencies.

During the last two years, HDHHS spearheaded community health assessments in Sunnyside, Independence Heights, Magnolia Park and in the Trip-Community area comprised of Clinton Park, Fidelity and Clinton View neighborhoods.

This news release was issued September 18, 2008