HDHHS to lead community health assessment of Magnolia Park

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS) will spearhead an Assessment, Intervention and Mobilization (AIM) project in May to identify health-related issues in Magnolia Park.

HDHHS along with community-based organizations and community volunteers will visit more than 4,000 homes May 7-9 and distribute informational packets featuring community resources located within the East End neighborhood. HDHHS staff and community volunteers will return beginning in mid May to survey a smaller, representative sample of Magnolia Park residents on health issues.

The AIM project seeks to evaluate and improve the ability of Magnolia Park residents to manage their health and well-being. It will also help link residents to needed health care or human services.

Approximately 275 HDHHS employees and community volunteers, many of them bilingual in Spanish, will take part in the packet distribution. They will also provide referrals for health care and human services.

A smaller group of employees and volunteers will block walk Magnolia Park during the survey. Health issues that they will query residents about include chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and high blood pressure, difficulties obtaining health care, children’s health including prenatal care and immunizations and nutritional habits.

Other issues include household problems with water leaks, carbon monoxide and standing water, physical problems interfering with normal, day-to-day activities, exercise, exposure to second-hand smoke and car and industry emissions in the environment.

HDHHS will follow up in June and July to ensure residents have received the referrals for services and that agencies are indeed providing the assistance needed.

HDHHS also intends to use the project to help improve communication among Magnolia Park residents and agencies and decision-makers who can respond to concerns and boost coordination efforts to address public health needs.

The department organized a similar project last year in the Tri-Community area comprised of Clinton Park, Fidelity and Clinton View neighborhoods.

For more information, call HDHHS at 713-928-9503.

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This news release was issued on April 27, 2007.