Houston Health Department

HDHHS, Reliant to distribute 315 air conditioners to seniors, disabled residents


6-25-2015 - The Houston Health Department will distribute 315 portable air conditioners to Houston-area seniors and disabled residents. 

Donations of $25,000 by Reliant and $75,000 by the Harris County Area Agency on Aging, a division of HDHHS, are funding the distribution of the air conditioners.

Seniors and disabled residents in Houston and Harris County who do not have an air conditioner can apply for an air conditioner by calling 832-393-4301.

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to the heat.  It takes seniors nearly twice the time of younger people to return to core body temperature after exposure to extreme outdoor temperatures.

HDHHS recommends that adults check on elderly relatives, friends or neighbors for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Others who are particularly vulnerable include infants and children up to four years of age, those who are overweight and people with heart and respiratory problems.