Houston Health Department

Houston Health Department offering 9,000 COVID-19 vaccination appointment slots for week of April 19, provides second dose schedule

April 19, 2021

HOUSTON - The Houston Health Department is offering approximately 9,000 COVID-19 vaccination appointment slots for the week of April 19, 2021.

Appointments are for first doses of Moderna vaccine, approved for people 18 and older. Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is free, and does not require proof of residency, citizenship or insurance.

Approximately 1,000 appointment sots are open for April 19 at Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Rd. The department’s four health centers have approximately 900 appointments open for April 19-21. Approximately 3,000 appointments are open at Delmar Stadium, 2020 Mangum Rd, for April 23-24.

On April 19 at noon, approximately 1,800 appointment slots open for April 23-24 at Rodeo Reed Parking Lot, 2098 Reed Rd.

The department will also host a targeted community vaccination clinic on April 21-23 at Mission Milby Community Development Corporation, 2220 Broadway St. Appointments are preferred but walk ins are welcome from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or until the site reaches its daily capacity of approximately 165 doses.

Two additional targeted community vaccination clinics offering a total of approximately 1,800 doses will be announced later in the week.

People can visit HoustonEmergency.org/covid19 to register for an appointment. Registration assistance is available by phone by calling 832-393-4220 or 832-393-4301.

Houstonians can secure appointments for Pfizer vaccine at NRG Park at ReadyHarris.org or by calling 832-927-8787.

Appointments are only confirmed upon receipt of an email or text message and confirmation numbers/QR codes will be verified on site. People who show up without confirmed appointments will be turned away.

Learn about new health department appointment opportunities through email, text message, voice call, or mobile app push notification by registering for the HoustonRecovers subscription of AlertHouston at AlertHouston.org.

New appointment opportunities may be posted throughout the week at HoustonEmergency.org/covid19

Second Doses
People who received their first dose of Moderna vaccine from the health department during the week of March 22, 2021 and have not yet scheduled a second dose appointment may show up without an appointment as outlined below or call 832-393-5190 to schedule an appointment.

People who already scheduled a second dose appointment for the week should report to their assigned location at their designated time.

The health department only provides second doses to people it provided a first dose. People who show up prior to their 28-day second dose due date or for a first dose will be turned away.

Vaccination cards are required to prove the first dose was provided by the health department and the second dose due date.

First Dose Second Dose

March 22
Delmar Stadium

April 19
The Parking Spot

March 23
Delmar Stadium

April 20
The Parking Spot

March 24
Delmar Stadium

April 21
The Parking Spot

March 25
Delmar Stadium

April 22
The Parking Spot

March 24-26
Bayou City Event Center

April 22
Bayou City Event Center

March 26
Delmar Stadium

April 23
The Parking Spot

March 27
Delmar Stadium

April 24
The Parking Spot

March 22-27
Other HHD Clinic Locations

Call 832-393-5190 to schedule second dose appointment

The Parking Spot is located at 5727 Will Clayton Pkwy. and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bayou City Event Center is located at 9401 Knight Rd. and is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For maximum protection, the second dose of Moderna vaccine is due four to six weeks after the first. The health department reaches out by text message and email 24-48 hours before the recommended second dose due date with a link to self-register for an appointment.

People who are overdue for their second dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine from the health department can email HHDCOVID19.CRT@houstontx.gov or call 832-393-5190 Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to schedule their second dose appointment.