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Health and Human Services

Mass Dispensing Exercise


Mass Dispensing Exercise Volunteer Recruitment FAQs 10-10-2013


1. Who is needed? Community volunteers representative of the City of Houston population.


2. When? Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 between 9am and 12 noon


3. Where? Each of 3 sites will be tested as Points of Dispensing (PODs) sites

a. Jones High School, 7414 St Lo Road, Houston, TX 77033
b. Scarborough High School, 4141 Costa Rica St., Houston, TX 77092
c. Westside High School, 14201 Briar Forest Dr., Houston, TX 77077


4. Where will volunteer Parking be? For this exercise volunteers will park on-site at the respective high school.


5. How long will volunteers be needed? Ideally we want staggered arrival of volunteers from 9am to 11am. Each volunteer should expect to participate for approximately 1 hour. Volunteers can participate longer if they wish, between the hours of 9am-12 noon.


6. What will volunteers be doing? Volunteers will be posing as clients representing their family household to simulate picking up lifesaving medications. As the head of household representative, volunteers will be asked to complete a medication screening questionnaire for themselves and their family members. We are using this exercise to test our ability to rapidly dispense to the public.


7. Why are you collecting my family’s information? Medication screening questionnaires will ensure that the right medication is given to you and your family. Personal information will never be shared, but information may be reported in group format (example: of 120 clients serviced 50 picked medications for themselves only and 70 picked up medications for themselves and their families.


8. Will volunteers be reimbursed for their time? No, this is a volunteerism opportunity. Certificates of Participation will be provided to document community service. The first 50 volunteer participants at each site will receive an emergency preparedness kit.


9. Will food be provided? Volunteers should be prepared to meet their own personal needs. At most the exercise will provide water and a very small snack (e.g. granola bar).


10. Will transportation be provided? Each of the 3 sites is near an existing Metro bus route. If you need MetroLift that can be coordinated through 3-1-1. Please coordinate MetroLift services no later than Tuesday October 29th.


11. What if it is raining, will the exercise continue? The exercise will continue rain or shine.


12. Why is the City doing this exercise? This preparedness exercise is being conducted to test plans to provide free lifesaving medications to at-risk members of the public in the event of serious disease outbreak, bioterrorism attack, or severe pandemic. It is actually regional in scope and affects 20 different jurisdictions.


13. Where would these lifesaving medications come from and would there be enough? The type of emergency being simulated would be large enough to activate a number of local, regional, state and federal resources including the Strategic National Stockpile which maintains caches of certain medications and other medical supplies to respond to such events. These caches include sufficient quantities of the medications necessary for this type of response for the entire population. In a real event medications would be provided for free.


14. How do volunteers register to participate? To register go to one of the following web sites by POD site (also on the recruitment flyer):

a. Jones High School, 7414 St Lo Road, Houston, TX 77033
b. Scarborough High School, 4141 Costa Rica St., Houston, TX 77092
c. Westside High School, 14201 Briar Forest Dr., Houston, TX 77077
d. If you don’t have internet access you can call 3-1-1 to register.


15. How do perspective volunteers get more information or request additional recruitment flyers? To get more flyers or to request more information email If you don’t have access to email you can call 3-1-1.


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